Making to Order…

It is thought that Fast Fashion brands are burning approximately 12,000 tons of unsold garments every year and fashion brands of all niches often make more clothing items than they are able to sell. Fortis works in a different way…

Since 2016, Fortis® Clothing has adopted a pioneering approach for making a better and more sustainable product, challenging innovating factors and seeking alternatives to what has gone before. We are committed to making informed decisions about its impact on the environment and are constantly trying to push boundaries to make the best product Fortis can.

Fortis is British Manufacturer and aims to source all its materials from the UK, thus supporting the British Business Environment. Fortis makes all its products on site; from designing to cutting and sewing the material in order to produce the best quality outdoor apparel in the most sustainable way.

Most of our customers know that when ordering with Fortis, there is often a few weeks wait until their products are delivered to them. The reason behind this is that Fortis makes everything to order! This stops unnecessary waste being produced and in turn makes us a more sustainable company. If we were to produce each item we offer, in every size and in every colour, it would turn into thousands of products and leave us with some styles that weren’t as popular with a backup of excessive stock and unwanted items. It is hard to predict exactly what will and won’t sell, even with the best experts! Therefore, making to order is the most sustainable way for us to manufacture and support our environment in the manufacturing an apparel industry.

However, as some of our customer know, we do offer some stock of items that have been very popular since we started and are available to buy straight off the peg.