The Olympic Sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting

We are a family company based in Devon. We can offer comfortable accommodation in our 2 holiday homes with the capacity of 30 people, making us ideal for parties and corporate events.


So what is Shnooker?

Shnooker is a variation of the Olympic sport clay pigeon shooting – the game is shooting snooker. The game of clay shooting snooker is a game of snooker with a shotgun for a cue. Each clay is worth the same number of points as its snooker ball counterpart.

Multiple clay traps are placed on the shooting field and the clays are pulled from each trap. Red clays (balls) are worth 1-point and are the easiest to hit (pot), the most difficult black clays (balls) are worth 7-points. The number of points the clay is worth determines the level of difficulty for the shot.

This is a game of tactics and sharp shooting, the idea is to hit (pot) the reds and then a pre-selected colour until all are hit (potted) and then the colours are downed in sequence of number value until all are gone. We play with a total of six red balls so that each “game” has a total of 18 clays, this gives a maximum “break” of 75 points. Of course you can play tactically by “potting” lower value colours or back your shooting abilities on the harder pink and black clays. It will be the generic idea of the game with Singles and Doubles, but ultimately a tournament called Top Shot UK.


Top Shot UK

Top Shot UK will be a tournament run throughout the year that competitors pay to sign up and then compete for an annual title of Top Shot UK.

Shooting with Shnooker will enter you into an online table that enables you to monitor and compare your shooting score/averages through an online score board that will be determined on shot average. With any age being able to enter the competition, the competition will have a minimum of three tournaments that must be entered to be eligible to win.

Shnooker & Top Shot UK is a company that looks to use all equipment made and manufactured in the UK, in support of the British Business Environment. The company also uses biodegradable WAD’s and Clays in support of BASC environmental policies.