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Country Covers (Renamed Fortis by Oliver Massy-Birch in 2016) is the product of farm diversification, the founder (Hugh Massy-Birch) was asked where he had his printed tyre cover on the back of his landrover. This prompted an idea, he then proceed to tell the person who asked that he made them. Which he then started to do, purchasing all the equipment need to print and cut the sizes for different tyres, he began attending country shows selling these bespoke tyre covers.

 Hugh Massy-Birch’s first ever tyre cover and the tyre cover that started everything.

A year later Hugh who was a busy farmer, thought this was becoming very successful and pursued a life time struggle, tough, waterproof car seat covers that fit! He then found a manufacturer in Birmingham who started manufacturing for him, again Hugh attended the country events and sold these car seat covers. With the huge success these became, Hugh saw a market for a company to be born. With help of the Military company he had bought into he seeked guidance and learnt about the textile industry with a company manufacturing for the Special Forces, MOD and Other Military groups around the world. With Hugh being a director of the company his knowledge grew fast and proceeded to set up his own manufacturing premises on the farm. He converted an old lamb barn into a workshop and a showroom and so began his own unique designs of Coats, jackets, smocks and trousers for the market he new all to well, the outdoor Countrymen and women.

Hughes first ever Car seat cover.

With Country Covers becoming a new company on the market but using the military grade fabrics and waterproofing the civilian world embraced it. Hugh knowing his shooting, fishing and hunting market well saw this opportunity and grew it.

Country Covers First logo.

Since 2004, Country Covers have supplied customers with the most reliable, durable and unique endurance clothing and accessories. Throughout this period we have seen three phases of specialist trading: tyre covers, car seat covers and clothing.

Country Covers has grown to be a company that provides trustworthy, durable, British gear and due to the popularity of the Ripstop Polycotton fabric, the company has evolved to make everything themselves in Devon, UK.
The cloth is battle proven and used by specialists globally today. The fabric, with its mixture of durability and breathability is combined with a great waterproof finish, making it one of the best quality endurance products that you will find on the market today.

Due to our success in endurance clothing, Country Covers is now at the stage to progress to a brand name, and have chosen a name we feel perfectly embodies our ethos as a company. We are therefore happy to announce ‘Country Covers’ will become ‘Fortis Clothing’.



The ethos of Fortis derives from its Latin translation: Strong. This is a term that we feel embodies our company, from its solid family values to the quality of our products.

Whilst developing a brand for our clothing means expanding our business, our ethos will remain firmly the same and simultaneously be strengthened. Fortis will strive to ‘Peak Performance’ in the market of top quality endurance and sporting clothing. Become part of the Fortis family and start your journey with us.

We look forward to seeing you through out the year, either at shows or up at our base in Devon, Hartgrove hill. Please continue to tell us of your experiences with our clothing and your exploits from around the globe and the great outdoors via Facebook, twitter and email. We love to see photos of our customers using the gear for the purpose it was designed and made for!

We would also like to thank all our customers for their support during 2014 and we look forward to your continued support during 2015 and beyond. Country Covers is on Twitter & Facebook. Follow our adventures around the UK and get the scoop on new offers and products as they are released.


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The Workroom

British Manufacturers

We are proud to say that we are a purely British manufacturer. All our clothing is made on site at our family farm in Devon.  Our team in the workroom are dedicated to providing the best quality outdoor gear, designed to provide excellent performance, and they take pride in the clothes that they produce.

From designing a new item, to cutting the material, to mastering the sewing machines, it is all done under one roof. We try to source all our materials from the UK, thus supporting the British Business Environment. Being a proud British Manufacturer we can provide specialist orders and can manage any ideas you may have to suit your needs to combat the elements.

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